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Support for Driving With
Autism Spectrum Disorder

A 6-Part Live Webinar Series to Help Young Adults with Autism Prepare for a Driver's License

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We are proud to offer "Driving With ASD: A Supportive Webinar." This 6-part webinar series is taught by a live, virtual expert instructor and focuses on the very specific training needs of someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The series focuses on one topic per week and teaches it in a way that is easy to digest and gives students the space to process the information before we move on. The topics include:

- Parenting a New Driver with ASD 
- Managing Anxiety on the Roadway
- Stimulus and Driving
- Getting Pulled Over by the Police
- Including Driving In Your IEP


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Parenting a New Driver with ASD
(this session is for parents)

Perhaps your young adult is asking you about driving, but you aren't quite ready. Or perhaps you desperately want your son or daughter to begin driving, but they have no interest. Driving for a neurotypical teen causes stress and fear in families. Autism adds another layer of complexity. 

Managing Anxiety Through
Disruptions on the Roadway

Traffic makes you inevitably late for your morning appointment. Loud sirens with bright lights are coming from behind you. You get out to your car and your tire is flat. Driving isn't predictable nor scripted. The only known is that these unknowns are going to happen to you eventually

Stimulus and Driving

For some drivers with ASD, the seat belt is the first complication. It can feel restrictive, and the feeling of the belt on your body can feel like too much. A seat belt isn't an option, it is a requirement; so we will need to overcome this sensory issue. Begin by taking small steps. 

Getting Pulled Over by the Police

Our first recommendation is to go meet your local police officers. Simply call and explain that you have a new driver with ASD that wants to learn what to do if pulled over. Many departments will actually do a mock pull over situation. Simply going through the trial can be extremely helpful.